Integrated Arctic Maritime Education

Project PI: Dr. Orson Smith

Lead Institution: University of Alaska Anchorage

Project Description:
Master’s in Arctic Engineering degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage and online course available to public. Courses support maritime workforce development.

Project Completion:
Project concluded. ADAC will monitor courseware use for life of grant in support of tracking and workforce development initiatives.

Course Work

Syllabus - CE A476-676 Spring 2016
CE A476 Paper Review Questions
CE A676 Spring 2016 Term Papers
Rubric - Graduate Paper Feedback
Rubric - Graduate Student Research Paper


AMDA 1 - Global Perspectives
Arctic and low-cost erosion control
AMDA 2 - Arctic Marine Weather and Sea Conditions
Module 2a - Sinusoidal Waves I slides
Module 2b - Sinusoidal Waves II slides
Module 3 - shallow water wave transformations
Module 4 - Non-linear wave theories
Module 5 - More on refraction and diffraction
Module 6 - Tides and Water Levels
Module 7 - Sea State Analysis
Module 9a - Coastal Sediments slides.pdf
Module 9b - Beach Profiles & Cross-Shore Transport
Module 9c - Longshore transport and sediment budgets
Module 10a - Coastal Erosion Responses Overview
Module 10 b - Revetments
Module 10c - Beach Nourishment
Module 10d - Beach groins
Module 10e - Seawalls
Module 10f - Ice Forces
Sea Ice - AMDA 3
Ship waves 2005 Kriebel and Seelig
Ship waves slides - Kriebel and Seelig 2005


AK Village Erosion Technical Rpr
Alaska Baseline Erosion Assessment - MainReport
ASCE Conference Paper Format
ASCE Reference List Guidelines
CE A676 Waves Notes S16
Cnoidal Tables
Depth of Closure WIS data
HEC 25 Coastal Highways FHWA 2008
Ice Riprap
On the Coast
Sinusoidal Wave Table
Storm Surge Westerm Alaska

Lecture Videos