PROJECT 1: Community Based Observer Networks for Situational Awareness (CBONS-SA)

Project PI: Dr. Lillian Na’ ia Alessa

Lead Institution: University of Idaho (UoI)

Supporting Team: Dr. Andrew Kliskey (UoI), Ms. Grace Beaujean Aleut International Association (AIA)

Project Description:
This project will establish a community-based observing network and system (CBONS) to acquire fine scale, local data on a range of variables critical to USCG operations (Savo et al. 2016, Alessa et al. 2015). Variables will include those associated with environmental change, subsistence activities/habitats and vessel transits (see Figure 6). A systematic and quality assured CBONS will enhance the Coast Guard’s ability to successfully respond to Artic-related Incidents of National Significance (Arctic IONS).
CBONS data may be used to enhance the preparedness of communities on the ground which can greatly increase the effectiveness of USCG in the Arctic while potentially reducing costs in the long term. The data will also generate community maps consisting of areas critical to culture and subsistence which will allow the Coast Guard to operate in ways that protect livelihoods and traditional lifeways. The data will eventually be transmitted via the Arctic Information Fusion Capability (AIFC) in order to promote safer SAR/HADR operations. Finally, the data may be used to enhance the precision of data from other Arctic Observing Networks (AON) by placing them in their social contexts.

Figure 6. Observations and Variables Collected

CBONS Field Test After Action Report – August 27, 2016

A Typology of Community-Based Observing