PROJECT 2: High-Resolution Modeling of Arctic Sea Ice and Currents

Project PI: Dr. Jinlun Zhang

Lead Institution: University of Washington

Project Description:
This project will develop an accurate, High-resolution Ice-Ocean Modeling and Assimilation System (HIOMAS) for modeling and predicting sea ice and currents in the Arctic Ocean. This system is to be calibrated and validated using a range of available sea ice and ocean observations and then used for (near) real-time hindcast and daily-to-seasonal forecast of Arctic Ocean currents, sea ice, and change.

Accurate, high-resolution predictions of ocean currents and sea ice conditions will enhance the Coast Guard’s ability to prepare for and respond to oil spills in the Arctic Ocean. The prediction data will also allow the Coast Guard to more safely and reliably conduct search and rescue missions. The data will eventually be transmitted to ship captains via the Automated Identification System (AIS) system in order to promote safer maritime transportation. Finally, the data may be used as forcing to drive other models such as wave models and oil spill models.

Sea Ice Hindcast and Seasonal Forecast Results