PROJECT 5: Identifying, Tracking and Communicated Sea-Ice Hazards in an Integrated Framework

Project PI: Dr. Andrew Mahoney

Lead Institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

Supporting Team: Co-investigator Dr. Hajo Eicken (UAF), Technician Josh Jones (UAF)

Project Description:
The overarching objectives of this project are to identify, track and communicate hazards associated with ice in the ocean such as the entrapment of vessels; structural damage to vessels and infrastructure; risk to personnel and assets due to detachment of landfast ice; and the limitation of oil spill response. These objectives are directly motivated by input from USCG D-17 and review of USCG Arctic Information Needs workshop report. The proposed work addresses several of the 20 US MDA challenges identified by the USCG.

Our approach is two-pronged and involves 1) the development of technology to identify and track ice-related hazards; and 2) the creation of an Arctic MDA testbed located in Barrow, Alaska, to assess the value of available met-ice-ocean data streams and test strategies for effective communication in an Arctic emergency response setting.

The outcomes of this work will include i) the development of software products for deriving ice motion and deformation from land-based and ship-based radar platforms; ii) baseline coastal sea ice motion data for long-term hazard assessment and model validation; iii) assessment of a new satellite-based methodology for assessing ice stability and trafficability; iv) a leadership role in the development of an Arctic MDA testbed.