ADAC is a Center of Maritime Research focused on advancing domain awareness in the Pan-Arctic.

Our current research projects include the following:

  •  • Community Based Observer Networks (CBONS) for situational awareness
  •  • Affordable sensors for crisis monitoring
  •  • Autonomous platforms: to put “sensors on scene”
  •  • Integrated Ice Hazards: a City of Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow) based comprehensive approach
  •  • Modeling (principally environmental factors) - > Storm Surge/coastal flooding, Sea Ice Forecasts, and Oil plume
  •  • Fusion of Arctic related data and information for U.S. Coast Guard
  •  • Decision support through creating an Ice Conditions Index (ICECON) for the Great Lakes
  •  • Professional Arctic Mariner Development in support of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Polar Code
  •  • Education Outreach and Workforce Development
  •  • Arctic-Related Incidents of National Significance (IoNS) and “Arctic 2030” workshops

All ADAC research projects aim to support the Arctic operator in the High North. The inter-relation of ADAC projects is portrayed below.

Learn more about our individual projects under the research themes.